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Aldrington CE Primary School

Year 2’s Trip to St Peter’s Church

Year 2 went on a mission to St Peter’s Church. We were on the hunt for crosses, trying to answer the RE question ‘Why is the cross an important symbol for Christians at Easter?’ As we arrived, we saw a massive brick cross in the church outer wall, an old wooden cross on the medieval church roof and a tall, metal cross on the church tower. We explored the churchyard first, finding cross tombstones as well as cross monuments – all in memory of people greatly loved who had died. They were plain, Celtic as well as crucifixes and one had an angel in front of the cross. We even found a cross in a regimental badge on a tombstone of a young soldier who died many years ago. Inside the church there were even more crosses, sewn on kneelers, on book covers, on the wall above the communion table, in the collection plate, on a stained glass window and even cut into the back of each chair. Even the lightshades had crosses because St Peter is known as the key to heaven, so two keys crossed remind us of him. Revd Gage told us all about the Easter week. He explained how every time Christians see a cross they are reminded how much Jesus gave up because he loves us all so much. The cross also reminds us of Easter Sunday, when Jesus came alive again so he can be with us forever. The children thoroughly enjoyed exploring St Peter’s Church, saying how it was the best trip ever. They had so much fun and learned so much about the church as well as about the cross.