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Aldrington CE Primary School

Victorian Day for Year 1


So on Friday 9th February 2024 we stepped back in time nearly 200 years and became Victorians for the day. Children came to school suitably decked out in Victorian attire in readiness for their day of chores and activities (polishing silver and brass ware, hand washing, polishing boots and shoes, beating rugs and ironing). Miss Coates was 'the lady of the house' and we were making sure everything was spic and span for her as well as preparing an afternoon tea for her and her guests! (We took great care not to get hair or dirt in the cucumber sandwiches!!!!). The children worked jolly hard all day and produced some lovely portraits of the Queen herself. After feasting on sandwiches and freshly squeezed orange juice because Miss Coates guests failed to arrive, the children went home with their wages held firmly in their grubby little hands! A great day of practical activities for the children to enjoy and endure!