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Aldrington CE Primary School

Faith in Arts Week 2024

'Faith in humanity: no to racism, yes to respect'.

For our Faith in Arts week, the children delved into the theme exploring through the arts (eg art, song, prayer, drama, debate, dance, bible journaling,) and developing their understanding of how racism feels and what it looks like, how they can stop it and how to be the generation that makes changes through empathy, love and respect. In so doing, they immersed themselves in Christian beliefs, the bible and opportunities to reflect on their personal beliefs and the actions they would like to take both now and in the future.

Find out about the art activities enjoyed by the children during the week.
Families and friends were invited to the Art Gallery at the end of the week to find out how the children had been challenging themselves.

Check out the art gallery. Can you see your family exploring the artwork?