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Aldrington CE Primary School

Don't toss it, compost it!

Our composting efforts have really taken off here at Aldrington since starting at the end of June.  We've repurposed ice cream tubs for collecting the fruit and veg peelings from morning snack in KS1 each day and have also added a large bin for collecting peelings on the KS2 playground.  We regularly add to the compost bins cardboard from deliveries and finished toilet rolls - saving them from having to be recycled.
We're so pleased that all of the food waste we've collected thus far is avoiding landfill and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions but also that it's being generated into nutrient-rich compost which we then can put  into our school's allotment to grow more fruit and vegetables. 
We recently hit a bump in the road as we were running out of storage for all that's being collected.  This is in part because the children have really gotten on board in putting their peelings in the compost bin instead of the rubbish but also because the weather has now turned colder so the peelings are not composting down as quickly as was the case over the summer term. 

Tates of Sussex and The Budding Foundation have kindly donated a brand new 600 litre compost bin.  This in addition to the two 220 litre compost bins we already had means we can carry on collecting the children's fruit and veg peelings continuously all year round.  


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