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Aldrington CE Primary School


Aldrington is continuously looking for ways to become more energy efficient and this summer has upgraded the school lighting system to LED.  This allows more sustainability as well as a more cost-effective system within our school.  LED lighting provides many environmental advantages including a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs and less energy wastage. LEDs are non-toxic.

To avoid wasting energy, our IT department has set up automatic shutdown of computers to ensure they are switched off at the end of each school day.  We make sure that all heating controls are set to the most efficient temperatures. This is reflected on Aldrington's Display Energy Certificate (DEC) showing that we are well below the typical annual energy use.  

A building’s energy performance operational rating is based on its carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions for the last year. It is given a score and an operational rating on a scale from A (lowest emissions) to G (highest emissions). The typical score for a public building is 100. This typical score gives an operational rating of D.

Our building's energy performance score has improved from last year (from 67 to 61) with a decrease from May 2022 to May 2023 in energy use and total CO2 emissions.  Aldrington is proud to have a score of 61 for an operational rating of C but will continue to strive toward reducing our emissions even further.

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