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Aldrington CE Primary School

Behaviour & Attitudes

As a community, we live out our school values of love, integrity, responsibility, achievement, sense of community and respect.  We also acknowledge that we will not get it right all the time and need God's help to be 'the best version of ourselves' day by day.  We therefore remember the following:

  • We listen and speak respectfully to one another.
  • We treat one another with kindness. 
  • When things go wrong, we work together to restore and repair relationships.

Our code of conduct is summed up in three words: READY, RESPECTFUL, SAFE. We expect this of our children and we model this as adult members of the community.

We expect children to be READY: this will be reflected in the way they approach their learning, the way they listen, focus and persevere, the way they take pride in their personal appearance, their punctuality and the responsibility they take for their personal belongings.

We expect children to be RESPECTFUL:  this will be seen in the way they interact with others, both children and adults, within and outside school, in their self-respect and in their care of our physical environment: our school itself, as well as locally, nationally and globally.

We expect children to be SAFE: this is shown by the way they use the environment in lessons and at playtime and the way that they treat one another in words and actions in both the 'real' and 'virtual' world. It is also shown by our encouragement to them to let others know if they feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

Our approach to managing behaviour and attitudes is summarised here.